Whether your business is a Senior Care Home, Shopping Center, or Restaurant our custom Holiday Lighting services can help you stand out from the competition!

See below at just a few reasons businesses has trusted We Hang Christmas Lights to provide a professional and festive lighting display:


  1. Professional Appearance: We will ensure that the lighting display looks polished and professional. This can enhance the business’s image and attract more customers.
  2. Boost in Employee Morale: A festive environment can boost employee morale and productivity. Happy employees often provide better customer service, which can lead to increased sales and customer retention.
  3. Customized Holiday Lighting: We Hang Christmas Lights offers customized lighting designs tailored to the business’s brand or theme, ensuring a unique and memorable display.
  4. High-Quality Materials: At We Hang Christmas Lights we use commercial-grade lights and materials that are more durable and longer-lasting than typical consumer-grade (big box store) products.
  5. Maintenance and Support All Season Long: If any issues arise with the lighting, such as bulbs going out or technical malfunctions, we quickly address and fix them.
  6. Storage Solutions: By us offering Holiday Lighting services we eliminate the hassle of businesses needing to find valuable storage space to store lights during off-seasons.
  7. Stress Reduction & Time Savings: The holiday season can be hectic for many businesses. By outsourcing the lighting installation to us, your business can reduce one more task from your to-do list, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of their operations.
  8. Increased Foot Traffic: A well-lit and attractive business can draw more attention and potentially increase foot traffic, which can lead to increased sales during the holiday season.
  9. Competitive Advantage: A professionally lit establishment can stand out from competitors, especially if others in the vicinity have not invested in their holiday lighting.
  10. Enhanced Brand Image: A beautifully lit building can improve the perception of the business, making it seem more inviting and professional. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. Win Win for Everyone!
  11. Extended Shopping Hours: With proper lighting, your business can potentially extend its operating hours into the evening, offering more shopping opportunities for your customers and increasing sales.
  12. Tax Deductions: Depending on the jurisdiction, your business might be able to claim a tax deduction for promotional or advertising expenses, which can include holiday decorations if they’re used to draw in customers.
  13. Reduced Vacancy Times: For commercial landlords, a festively decorated property can be more appealing to potential renters, reducing the time a property sits vacant.

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